Highlighted Projects – September 2020


Surfrider Apartments Coolum Beach 

  • Company: Open 2 View Sunshine Coast
  • Project Type: Duplex/Apartment.
  • Location: Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast, QLD.
  • 3d architectural visualisation companies: Visual Render

Visual Render recently assisted Open2 View Sunshine Coast with an incredible new duplex project being built in the hills along Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast. Located on Pacific Terrace and with incredible views overlooking Coolum and the ocean. This is sure to become an amazing home for the new buyers.

Designed by award winning architect Greg Gibbs. The 2 apartments both contain 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a 3 car garage. The design with a heavy focus on creating an open living space that brings all of the elements of the home together.

  • Visual Render Interior Render
  • Visual Render Interior Render
  • Visual Render Interior Render
  • Visual Render Interior Render
  • Visual Render Interior Render
  • Visual Render Interior Render

To assist Open 2 View with the marketing of this project Visual Render showcased both the interior and exterior with a number of 3D Renders. Additionally, we created a 3D Video Walkthrough that takes you through one of the new homes. The video is still in post-production so we are excited to share that with you soon. We really enjoyed visualising this amazing home and can not wait to see it come to life!

To learn more about the homes that are now on sale you can check out the listing here.


Landsborough New Homes

  • Visual Render Exterior Render
  • Visual Render 3D Floor Plan

Check out this amazing project Visual Render recently worked on. Assisting Investment Property Group in bringing a number of their new homes to life. Located on the Sunshine Coast, the team at IPG is creating a number of new single and duplex homes.

  • Visual Render Interior Render
  • Visual Render Interior Render

To assist them in marketing their projects, Visual Render created a number of 3D Interior & Exterior Renders…, as well as 3d floor plan that overlooks one of the duplex’s.

If you are looking to build your next investment property , check out their website here.


Clingin Street Townhouse Interior

Visual Render Interior Render

Visual Render recently worked with incredible developers KingCorp Properties in bringing their new project to life with high-quality 3d Renders. With plans to build 5 new townhouses on a lot in Resovoir Victoria, Visual Render created a 3D Interior Render that showcases the front facade of the new home(s). For information about KinCorp Properties check out their website.

Thinking about marketing your next project with 3D Renders?

3D Architectural Visualisation Companies are the perfect way to visualise and communicate your projects while they go through the approval and building process. In a few short weeks, we can turn your plans into High Quality, Realistic Marketing Assets and you will be well and truly ready to sell. For more information about how we can help you reach your sales and marketing goals with 3d renders please click here or call us on (07) 2102 1413