Marketing 3D House Tours: How to Use Virtual Walkthroughs to Enhance Real Estate Sales

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  • February 26, 2023

Virtual reality technology is revolutionising various industries, including real estate. By using 3D house tours, architects, developers, and real estate agents can offer a realistic, immersive, and convenient way of presenting properties to prospective buyers. 

Here are the top five benefits of using 3D house tours for real estate:

  1. Immersive Tour Experience: 3D house tours provide an interactive digital design that helps buyers understand a property’s layout and features. Buyers can view the house from the comfort of their homes, explore the property on their own, and ask questions without visiting the location physically.

  2. Saves Time and Energy: With 3D house tours, buyers and agents can tour and showcase properties digitally, saving time and energy that would have been expended on traveling to far-off properties.

  3. Creates a Personal Connection with Buyers: Virtual tours help buyers create a personal connection with a house and envision themselves living in the space before physically visiting the property.

  4. Boosts Website Traffic and Awareness: Offering 3D house tours as a service can give real estate agents a competitive edge, drive more customers to their website, and increase sales.

  5. Enables Real Estate Agents to Provide Better and More Focused Customer Service: Virtual tours allow agents to sift through casual buyers and focus on high-interest clients. This improves customer service and ensures that more attention is given to high-probability buyers.

How To Use 3D Designs to Showcase a Property

  1. Showcase Listings: Use 3D renders to create an interactive visual representation of property listings and attract more potential buyers.

  2. Show the Final Look of Unfinished Properties: Use 3D designs and virtual tours to help potential buyers visualize the final look of properties that are under construction or renovation.

Main Differences Between Physical and Virtual Tours

  1. Time: Virtual tours save time as buyers can view an endless number of properties without leaving their homes, reducing the need to visit properties physically.

  2. Costs: Virtual tours save buyers and agents money on transportation costs and other expenses involved in visiting properties in person.

  3. Personalization: Virtual tours provide a more personalized experience as buyers can explore the property at their own pace and make informed decisions.

  4. Convenience: Virtual tours provide convenience as buyers can view properties at their convenience, and agents can showcase properties digitally without being on location.

  5. Reach: Virtual tours enable buyers to view properties that are not in their local area and allows agents to reach a wider audience.

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