Affordable Apartments Proposed to Address Housing Crunch on the Gold Coast

Affordable Apartments Proposed to Address Housing Crunch on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has been facing a shortage of affordable housing amid a property boom driven by the pandemic. However, plans have been filed for a medium-rise affordable housing development in Southport to address the housing supply crisis. This proposed development is set to provide an important housing opportunity to support residents requiring housing assistance.

Gold Coast Development

Community Housing (Qld) Limited, a not-for-profit organisation, lodged the proposal for a mix of 30 one and two-bedroom apartments across six levels with communal terraces on level one and the rooftop. The 1012sq m site at 21 Minnie Street was chosen for its close proximity to existing public transport options, employment opportunities, community and commercial services, and other recreational and social facilities located in the area.

Gold Coast Development

Integrated Housing Development for Low-Income Residents

The proposed Gold Coast Development provides an integrated complex to assist vulnerable and low-to-moderate income people who are unable to secure long-term affordable housing. The development will be delivered by a social housing provider that will source appropriate participants/residents and manage the tenancies long-term.

Architecturally Designed to Respond to Site Characteristics

According to the Gold Coast Development application, the proposed development has been architecturally designed to respond to the characteristics of the site through appropriate building orientation and climate-responsive subtropical design. The development is reflective of developments intended for medium density residential areas.

Benefits of the Proposed Building

The proposed building is set to provide a greater mix of bedrooms in an area that is characterised by a range of residential outcomes, including multiple dwellings, dual occupancies and single-unit dwelling houses. The development has incorporated design elements to provide visual interest, soften the visual impact of the built form, reduce massing and promote a more slender building design. This will contribute to the prevailing sub-tropical character of the neighbourhood.

Addressing the Housing Crunch on the Gold Coast

The proposed medium-rise affordable housing complex at 21 Minnie Street, Southport, will assist those in need of housing support services and will have a direct community benefit to the area. This development is set to provide an important housing opportunity for low-income residents in the area. Community Housing (Qld) Limited has identified a growing need for additional affordable housing within the catchment.

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Gold Coast Development

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