5 Essential Architect Applications for Remote Work

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  • March 15, 2023

5 Essential Architect Applications for Remote Work

As technology advances and high-speed internet becomes more accessible, working remotely has become a popular option for many professionals, including architects. Architects can now work from the comfort of their own homes, without sacrificing productivity or creativity. Here are five essential architect applications that Visual Render recommends for architects working remotely at home.

Architect Applications

AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 is an efficient app that allows architects to access and edit their CAD drawings from anywhere, share them with colleagues, and get real-time feedback. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices, making it a versatile option for architects working remotely.

Architect Applications

Morpholio Trace

An app for sketching created exclusively for architects is called Morpholio Trace. Using a number of tools and capabilities, architects can digitally sketch down their ideas and thoughts with the help of this software. Morpholio Trace is the best option for remote work because it enables architects to collaborate with their peers in real-time.

Architect Applications


Using the construction management tool PlanGrid, architects can oversee their projects from beginning to end. Using PlanGrid, architects can produce and distribute blueprints, monitor development, and work in real-time with their teams. For architects who want to manage their projects even when working remotely, PlanGrid is a crucial tool.

Architect Applications


Project management software called Trello enables architects to plan their work and communicate with other professionals. Architects may create boards, add tasks, and distribute them among team members using Trello. Trello is a great tool for architects to maintain organisation and guarantee that their projects are finished on schedule.

Architect Applications


BIMx is a potent 3D viewer programme that gives architects real-time access to their architectural plans. With BIMx, architects can examine their creations from many perspectives and take virtual tours in addition to seeing them in 3D. This software is a great resource for architects who wish to present their work to clients or peers.

Architect Applications


Working remotely has its benefits. Architects can enjoy increased flexibility, reduced commute time and cost, greater focus and productivity, and improved work-life balance. To stay productive and creative while working from home, architects should have the right tools at their disposal. Visual Render recommends using these five essential architect applications for remote work.

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