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Day Vs Night Render – What 3D Render Environment to use?

When creating 3D Renders, the potential to make changes to all aspects of the design is limitless. Beyond the design of the building itself, this extends to selecting textures and colors, adding objects such as people, cars, and furniture as well as changing the outer environment and lands...

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New Projects

3D Render Project Showcase 7

Check out some of the incredible projects Visual Render has been working on recently. We hope you enjoy! Shirley Court Townhouses by Visual Render. Company: Archimedium Project Type: Dual Townhouse Location: Shirley Crt, Doncaster East, VIC. Visual Render recently assisted Peter from Archimedium wit...

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What is 3D Rendering and Architectural Rendering?

What is 3D Rendering?   Simply put, 3D Rendering is virtual Photography and Videography.   It is the use of computer technology to digitally create images, videos and interactive programs that will traditionally represent or mimic real-life concepts and&n...

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