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Interior and Exterior Commercial 3D Render Services for Your Property

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  • March 14, 2023

Interior and Exterior Commercial 3D Render Services for Your Property

As a provider of 3D architectural visualisation for marketing purposes, Visual Render understands the value of photorealistic images in creating a positive impression on customers and investors. This is especially true for commercial buildings like office buildings, warehouses, shopping malls, hotels, and retail buildings. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using 3D visualisation in interior and exterior commercial render services.

3D Exterior Render

Why Use 3D Visualisation?

Qualitative 3D visualisation is crucial in describing the essence of design solutions to customers, multiplying the value of architectural work. During communication between the performer and customer, volume visualisation attached to a project allows for better understanding, shifting discussions to a new level, and reducing the time of the decision-making process. This is particularly useful for architecturally uneducated customers.

Site Perspective

Conveying Realistic Colours and Textures

A realistic 3D visualisation of the surface of the object should convey colour, texture, reflectivity, transparency, and light scattering. It should provide tangible sensations to the viewer and create a positive impression of the quality of materials applied on the object.

Accurate Lighting Representation

In interior design, it is important to accurately convey the lighting to assess how a room and its components will look like in different weather conditions, in the daytime, in the evening, and with artificial lighting. Good visualisation takes into account such parameters of the light source as power, colour temperature, shape, size, and degree of light scattering. Light modelling has huge value when it comes to designing expositions, showrooms, lighting decorations, and designing the light scenery of public and residential interiors.

Who Should Make the 3D Visualisation?

Depending on the design stage, visualisation must be done by different people. Intermediate visualisations are usually performed by designers themselves, while final visualisation requires separate specialists, visualisers. They create more detailed, expressive, and artistically valuable images that are demonstrated to the customer.

Exterior 3D Render

Ways to Visualise

Visualisation can be classified based on how the object is displayed, such as steel images, panoramic or spherical images, animation, virtual inspection, and interactive interaction. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the project’s requirements.

Our 3D Render Services

At Visual Render, we specialise in providing high-quality interior and exterior commercial render services. Our 3D visualisation of your architectural project includes several stages of work such as 3D modelling, lighting, environment elaboration, and rendering. We make sure that our services cater to your specific needs and create a spectacular presentation of your architectural project for your site or presentation to your customer.


With the benefits of 3D visualisation, your commercial property can significantly increase in value in the eyes of customers and investors. At Visual Render, we offer exceptional 3D render services to create a realistic and visually stunning presentation of your property. Contact us today to learn more.

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