Gold Coast’s Latest Skin Centre Development

Gold Coast’s Latest Skin Centre Development

Designed by Spatium Architects, the Skin Centre Development is a mixed-use project that will offer both residential and hospital uses. The development includes two buildings, one three-storey and the other four-storey, with a total of six apartments.

The first level of the three-storey building will feature office spaces, a spa, an auditorium, staff areas, and injection and treatment rooms. The second level will include operating theatres, consulting and recovery rooms, while the third level will feature two residential apartments.

The four-storey building will have a car park with 117 spaces, including six spaces designated for private medical parking, six for the residents, and 105 for visitors. The second and third levels of this building will include recovery and occupational therapy rooms, reception and waiting rooms, and administration rooms, while the fourth level will feature four two-bedroom residential units with terraces.

Skin Centre Development

Project Director

The Skin Centre Development project is directed by Ashley Jae Freeman of Sunsafe Property. Ashley is a dermatologist at The Skin Centre on the Gold Coast, and the majority shareholder of Sunsafe Investments Pty Ltd, which has shares held in Blue Shores Pty Ltd.

Skin Centre Development

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